The school staff is selected based on educational qualifications, certification, proficiency in English, Islamic values and relevant experience. All staff have a high degree of commitment to Islamic values supplemented by sound academic backgrounds and experience. The principal supervises all activities of the school under the rules and regulations set by the school committee and the board of trustees. The teachers, school personnel, and volunteers work under the supervision of the principal.

Sr. Nur’Izzah Khalil, B.A., M.Ed.


Sr. Nur earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology from the University of Calgary, Canada, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Bridgewater State University. She is a licensed K-6 administrator with the Massachusetts Department of Education and has worked with the City of Calgary, with the Government of Singapore, has over a decade of advertising experience and comes from a family of educators. Upon her arrival in the US in 2002, she returned to her first passion, teaching, and immediately became part of the ANA family as our middle-school Social Studies teacher first, and later as our third-grade teacher before assuming her current leadership role. She is ever thankful to Allah s.w.t. for this rare opportunity to make a difference in the community and to help shape the minds of our precious Muslim-American youth. 

Sr. Nur may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Aminah K. Muhammad, A.S.

Assistant Registrar

Sr. Aminah serves many roles at Al-Noor Academy.  She has her Associate’s degree from Northeastern University. She has extensive experience having worked in Islamic schools since 1984 in both Massachusetts and Mississippi. Sr. Aminah has been with Al-Noor Academy since 2000 and started full-time in 2006. She can be found at both campuses serving as a lifeline between parents, students, and teachers. Her favorite activities include working with children, reading, and sewing when she has the time to sew!

Sr. Aminah may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Dalal Aldajani, B.S.

Administrative Manager

Sr. Dalal graduated from University of Jordan with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and has taught in an Islamic school in London, UK, for three years. Subsequently she participated in a Saturday Islamic school for two years in Cambridge, MA, and currently holds an administrative position at ANA-Sharon campus. Outside of work, Sr Dalal actively leads a Girls Scout troop and is skilled in arts and crafts projects. 

Sr. Dalal may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Hoda Elsharkawi, B.A.

Religion Teacher

Sr. Hoda holds a BA in Mass Communication & Journalism from University of Zagazig, Egypt. She studied Islamic Creed, Quran Exegesis, Sciences of Quran, Fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence and Hadith Sciences at Islamic American Open University, Virginia. Sr. Hoda was the Head of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) Outreach Department (1999-2002), and is now leading a support group for new Muslim women. She is married with three children who attend Al-Noor Academy. 

Sr. Hoda may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Asma Shaqrah, B.A., M.A.

Quran Teacher & Tarbiyah Coordinator

Sr. Asma Shaqrah obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Jordan, and her Master’s Degree from American College. She has been teaching Arabic for 10 years; 3 years in Jordan and 7 years at Al-Noor Academy. Sr. Asma is the head of the Arabic Department at Muslim American Society Council of Islamic Schools (MASCIS) and has done many projects in the school such as “My School” video clip and the Arabic Calligraphy project. Sr. Asma’s goal is to help the students understand Quran through teaching Arabic to build strong Muslims and build a strong Muslim community. 

Sr. Asma may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Rachida Benkaci

Arabic Lead Teacher

With over ten years of experience teaching Arabic language at our ANA-Sharon campus, Sr. Rachida is a certified Arabic teacher from Algiers. Armed with extensive knowledge in Arabic language and literature, she has been a driving force behind the Arabic department, has given workshops and has contributed tremendously towards instilling the love of the holy language of the Quran in the hearts and minds of our students for many years. We welcome her back with a prayer that she may continue with her dedicated service to the school with the same zeal so that our students go on to learn and excel in the Arabic language, insha’Allah. 

Sr. Rachida may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Aliaa Eltawansy, B.A.

Arabic Teacher

Sr. Aliaa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Regional and Urban Planning from the University of Cairo and worked as an architect for three years in Egypt. Sr. Aliaa joined ANA-Sharon campus as second-level Arabic teacher after having been involved with various Islamic schools since 2003 as a parent. Sr Aliaa loves art and has experience with painting Ancient Egyptian art on papyrus. 

Sr. Aliaa may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Hebaallah Hasan, B.A., M.Ed.

Pre-School (PreK) Lead Teacher

Sr. Heba is our Lead Teacher for our two preschool classes. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Languages and Literature from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt and majored in Greek and Latin. She successfully received her Master’s in Education with a major in Early Childhood from American College. Sr. Heba is a certified pre-school teacher with the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). She has enjoyed working with our beautiful four-year-old children since 2004. 

S.r Heba may be reached at [email protected]

Mrs. Hiba Hantash, B.A.

Pre-School (PreK) Co-Teacher

Mrs. Hiba Hantash attained her Bachelor’s degree from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon with a major in Biology. She had four years of experience teaching Biology and Science at both the middle and high school levels while she was in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. She is currently studying Early Childhood Education at Bristol Community College.

Mrs. Hantash may be reached at [email protected]

Pre-School Assistants

Sr Iman Mkanssi

Sr Ruqaia Alabdulla

Sr Nora Arara


Ms. Souheir Al-Mousa, Assoc. Degree

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Souheir grew up in Damascus, Syria. She studied French literature at Damascus University and has Early Childhood Teacher certification with EEC. She lived with her family in Saudi Arabia for four years, in Oman for two years, and in the United Arab Emirates for three years. While in the Emirates, she worked in the library at the American University of Sharjah. Ms. Souheir relocated to Massachusetts in 2002 and began working at our ANA-Sharon campus that year as a kindergarten assistant and has been our kindergarten teacher for more than ten years. Ms. Souheir celebrates her students’ growth and learning during the year they are with her. She enjoys the privilege of being able to see them read and write their first words.

Ms. Souheir may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. MaryLou Elhusayni, B.S.

Early Childhood Co-Teacher

Sr. MaryLou has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Roger Williams University. She co-teaches in our Kindergarten class and periodically supports both our First and Second grade classes. Additionally, Sr. MaryLou has taught Spanish to our students, has been actively involved in fundraising activities for our school and is our School Librarian. 

Sr. Marylou may be reached at [email protected]

Mrs. Oya Bozkurt, B.Ed, M.Ed

First Grade Teacher

Sr Oya is a dynamic and experienced elementary school teacher who is dedicated to educating young students and inspiring them to love to learn in a safe, engaging and nurturing environment. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Salem State College and her Master’s degree from Jones International University. Sr Oya has taught in both the Lawrence and Methuen public school districts and comes to ANA-Sharon campus with over 12 years of teaching experience. She is highly skilled in evaluating individual student needs and developing student-focused teaching strategies. 

Mrs. Bozkurt may be reached at [email protected]

Mrs. Cassandra Valley, B.Ed. M.Ed.

Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Cassandra Valley obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Framingham State University and her Master’s degree in Education from Lesley University. As part of her degree, Mrs. Valley completed three exhaustive field studies at the Framingham Public school district and had experience observing and conducting lessons in various elementary grades one through five. She successfully student taught a class of 23 fourth grade students in all core subjects for four full months at the Franklin Public school. She is committed to motivating students while providing a safe and friendly learning environment. 

Mrs. Valley may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Rana Elbeih, B.Sc. M.Ed.

Third Grade Teacher

Sr. Rana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University of Massachusetts, Boston, and holds a Masters’ Degree in Higher Education. She has been a member of our ANA-Sharon faculty over the years in various roles ranging from being a long-term substitute teacher to being one of our valued pre-school teachers. Sr. Rana even taught at our ICNE’s weekend-Saturday school before joining us full-time. 

Sr. Rana may be reached at [email protected]

Mrs. Shamaila Zia, MD

Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Zia received her Bachelor’s of Medicine & Surgery degree from Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi in 1992. She then completed her medical internship in Medicine & Surgery from Civil Hospital, Karachi, receiving excellence in both. In her medical school, she actively participated in debates and received the best debater award. She relocated to the U.S. in 2001 and brings her passion for science to the classroom. She has taught science to grades six through 10 and has served as our fourth-grade homeroom teacher since 2015-16. She has also contributed to the community volunteering as ICNE-Sharon’s Youth Director, Women’s Event Organizer and Sunday School Teacher. 

Mrs. Zia may be reached at [email protected]

Miss Laura Spiegler, B.A., M.A.

Fifth Grade Teacher

Miss Spiegler obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, and upon graduation, she joined the AmeriCorp program and worked at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. She subsequently pursued her Masters of Arts in Teaching at Clark University in Worcester. Miss Spiegler comes with several years of teaching experience with the most recent being the New Bedford Public where she taught fourth grade, and earlier at the Worcester Public where she taught second grade. 

Miss Spiegler may be reached at [email protected]

Sr. Rabiya Atcha, B.A.

Art Teacher

Sr. Rabiya was born and raised in Chicago.  Eventually moving to New York, she graduated from City University of New York’s Queens College with a BA in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, as well as Psychology. She also received certification through the NYS Department of Education, as an Elementary Education Teacher. After working in NYC public schools for two years, she moved to Rhode Island and taught the fifth-grade class here, at ANA-Sharon, for two years. She is excited to be joining us once again as the Art Teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, baking, photography, and spending time with her family. 

Sr. Rabiya may be reached at [email protected]

Br. Zineddine Benkaci

School Maintenance

Br. Zineddine is another familiar face amongst the staff at IANE and ANA. Br. Zine has been in charge of the janitorial services at both schools for many years now. Not only have his services been invaluable in maintaining the buildings at both schools, this father of three’s daily presence at the school has always been a source of comfort and joy for all the staff at the school where everyone has embraced him as part of their family and has depended on his helping hand time and time again. Alhumdulilah, Br. Zine will be continuing his service to the school again this year and we welcome him back with great warmth and joy.

Br. Dirgham Al-Khalaf

Safety Attendant

Br. Dirgham is fondly known amongst our students and school community as “Br AbouAhmad”, and has played an important role in securing the safety of our students and staff. He is frequently seen patrolling our school grounds and supporting our morning arrival and dismissal process. Br Dirgham has five young children and is an active member of our greater Sharon-Mansfield community.