International Student


Al-Noor Academy is pleased to be able to offer its outstanding religious and academic programs to international students.

If you are looking for a school where you can further your study of English, Maths, Science, History, Arabic, Quran, and Islam in a supportive environment, Al-Noor may be right for you.

We encourage students who are motivated, thoughtful, and prepared to challenge themselves academically, spiritually, and intellectually to apply for admission.

Al-Noor Academy seeks students who are ready to reach their academic potential, explore their talents and strengths, further their study of Arabic and Islam, and commit to preparing for college or university in the United States.

The information below outlines the admission process. If you have any questions, please contact Admissions at [email protected]. Students are admitted to Al-Noor Academy on a rolling basis. We encourage you to submit your application early.

Application Procedure

Submit a completed application form by clicking on our online “New Student Registration” blue button below:

New Student Registration

When your application is received, we will review it and send you an offer letter that will list the conditions for your offer. These conditions will likely include:

  1. Academic transcripts for the last three years with notarized translations (if not in English)
  2. Recommendation letters from Arabic and English teachers about their levels in both languages
  3. Behavior/discipline records and/or a certificate of good character (if issued by government)
  4. Evidence of English language level. We accept most internationally recognized tests (TOEFL, TOEFL Junior, IELTS, etc.); alternatively, you can take an internal test or be assessed during an interview.
  5. Proof of funds (at least $26,000) for the fees (we need this to provide you with an i20) and a copy of your passport.
  6. Immunization and health records
  7. Completion of the student enrollment contract, which we will send with the offer letter.
  8. Receipt of the SEVIS I-901 payment fee

Once all conditions of your offer have been fulfilled, and you have paid the deposit, we will send you an Acceptance Letter which will confirm your enrollment at the Academy.

If you require a visa to study with us, we will also send you an i20 document at this stage so you can apply for your visa.

Lastly, you will be sent a pre-Arrival pack containing all the information you need to prepare to join us at Al-Noor Academy. You should also download the Pre-arrival Contact and Medical Forms.

Entry Criteria

Entry criteria for INTERNATIONAL students:

Grade Age TOEFL (or equivalent)** Academic Requirement
6* 11 or 12+ TOEFL Junior or interview Completion of US Grade 5 or equivalent
7* 12 or 13+ TOEFL Junior or interview Completion of US Grade 6 or equivalent
8* 13 or 14+ TOEFL Junior or interview Completion of US Grade 7 or equivalent
9* 14 or 15+ 40 (IELTS 4.0) Completion of US Grade 8 or equivalent
10* 15 or 16+ 40 (IELTS 4.0) Completion of US Grade 9 or equivalent
11* 16 or 17+ 60 (IELTS 5.0) Completion of US Grade 10 or equivalent
12* 17 or 18+ 65 (IELTS 5.5) Completion of US Grade 11 or equivalent


* Al-Noor Academy reserves the right to re-assess students on arrival and move them up or down a grade if this is in their best academic interests.

**Other internationally recognized English language tests may also be accepted.