Dual Enrollment

Al-Noor Academy has developed an agreement with local Colleges to register 11th and 12th graders in a Dual Enrollment Program. During their 11th and 12th grade years ANA students have participated in dual enrollment programs through the following institutions:

  • Bridgewater State University
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Harvard Extension School
  • Massasoit Community College
  • Quincy College
  • Quinsigamond Community College
  • Roxbury Community College
  • UMASS Boston

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The Dual Enrollment Program was established by the Education Reform Act of 1993. Students participating in the Dual Enrollment Program simultaneously earn high school and college credited. By the end of the 12th grade students participating in the Dual Enrollment Program have chance to earn academic credit which can save them up to 2 years of college. Successful students will be able to graduate with a high school diploma from Al-Noor Academy. Additionally, they may be able to graduate with and Associates Degree if offered by the college and if they complete additional classes above and beyond Al-Noor Academy requirements.

The Dual Enrollment Program does not guarantee admission to higher education institutions. The SAT score and other skills and credits continue to be major players in college admission. However, the dual enrollment courses at the college with a good performance should play favorably in the application package for admission at other higher education institutions.

Different higher education institutions may treat the credits earned in the Dual Enrollment Program differently; the credits are not all automatically recognized by all the colleges and universities; this will depend on the course level taken and the student’s performance.

At the discretion of the school, college-level course work may be treated at the honors level, i.e., a grade of B earned at the college level may be reflected as an A on the high school transcript.

Determining which college courses will aid in the growth or progress of the student, and that meet local criteria for high school graduation, is decided by the school based on the student performance during the 10th grade and based on his/her score in the standardized tests administered. An assessment test will be administered by the college to help the school individualize the courses to be taken.

To be eligible for the Dual Enrollment program, a student must attend 10th grade at Al-Noor Academy during which he/she must have a GPA of 3.3 (88%) or higher and must show excellent conduct. In addition, the student must show outstanding performance on achievement tests given both by Al-Noor Academy and the college.

The school determines student admission in the Dual Enrollment Program. Al-Noor Academy may withdraw a particular student from the Dual Enrollment Program if the student’s academic performance and conduct are judged inappropriate by the school. Parents and students shall understand that admission in college under the Dual Enrollment Program is determined by Al-Noor Academy.

Under the Dual Enrollment Program the student follows the rules and regulations of both Al-Noor Academy and the College. College tuition under the Dual Enrollment Program may vary from college to college and year to year. Tuition for the college will be paid by parents on the top of the school tuition.

The students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program are required to attend the high school to complete subjects required by Al-Noor Academy, Arabic, religion, arts, physical education and other core subjects. They may be required to attend daily or only on some days, depending on the school and college course schedules.

Dual Enrollment students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in college classes and ANA classes each semester. If a student fails to receive a 3.0 GPA, the student will be withdrawn for the Dual Enrollment program.

Any student withdrawn from the Dual Enrollment Program, failing to meet the above requirements must return to the ANA program of classes and will not be allowed to transfer to any other college the following semester while enrolled at ANA.

Any student receiving an F in any class from a college or ANA will be withdrawn from the program, regardless of the GPA.

If a student would like to return to the Dual Enrollment program after being withdrawn, he or she must first complete at least one term at ANA with an 88% average or higher.

Under the Dual Enrollment Program, the student follows the rules and regulations of both Al-Noor Academy and the college.

The daily schedule for the students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program depends on the subjects taken in the fall and spring terms at the college; this is usually finalized before the fall.

Dual Enrollment Classes

Dual Enrollment classes are based on assessment by the college, teacher, and guidance counselor recommendations. In addition to classes offered at ANA as tabulated previously, the following are the college courses that students need to take:

  • Math: College Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Physics. All courses must include a lab unless waived by the Director
  • English: English Composition I & II, Creative Writing, World Literature, American Literature, English Literature, Speech/Oratory Skills
  • Social Studies: American Government, U.S. History I & II, Economics I &
  • II, Western Civilization I & II, International Relations