Our new Al-Noor Academy school logo captures the spirit of our school: an American institution of learning rooted in Islamic faith and ideals. It does so by integrating our local context (note the choice of color, font and shape) with our Islamic identity (note the name and symbol), so that we can be fully at home among New England schools while still being clear about our faith and ideals.

Our Symbol

The symbol literally combines Al-Noor Academy’s twin aims: to be a source of light and learning. Each of these elements can also be found in some form in the original IANE and Al-Noor logos, but here they are updated and fused into a single, unique mark.

Our Colors

Our two school colors are navy blue and gold. 

Al-Noor Blue continues the tradition of our elementary navy blue uniforms while brightening the color for other contexts. It is also the color of water and sky.

Al-Noor Gold picks up on the yellow in Al-Noor’s original logos while darkening the color for greater visibility and represents the light of knowledge inspired by the “Al-Noor” name.


Our sincere “Thank You” to Mr Abdur Rahman Syed, of Algebra, and Ms Vibha Verma, of Vibsdesigns, for their unstinting support of our schools’ rebranding exercise.