The Islamic Academy does not discriminate on the basis of color, ethnicity, gender, or religion for enrollment. The school offers an outstanding opportunity for students with the ability and willingness to benefit from an academically intensive school program within an Islamic environment.

The curriculum and other activities combine the best training in core subject areas with the practice of Islam; so that our students can grow up to be conscientious Muslims.

The Academy requires all its students to take all core courses including Islamic education and Qur’anic reading.
The admission committee takes the following factors into consideration when reviewing a student’s application for admission: previous grades, standardized test scores, character, available space in class, and the potential of parents involvement in future school activities.


The Islamic Academy is not equipped for teaching students that might require special education or might have behavior concerns. Students in need of special care are referred by parents or school personnel to the local public school department. Currently the IANE is open to students from Pre-School to Grade 5.

The following are the age limits for admission to these grades:


Age Criteria

Students must be 2years and 9 months old to enter PreSchool 
5 years old on or before October 31st



Application Form: A completed application form along with a $50 non-refundable application fee must reach the school office by the deadline, which is usually towards the end of March. Kindly contact the office for the current year’s enrollment application deadlines. Those in need of tuition assistance must also fill an application for financial aid.

Records: A copy of the candidate’s current and previous academic records and scores must be received along with the application form. Health records should also be forwarded to the school upon admission. All applications must be accompanied with a birth certificate and their up-to-date immunization record.

Interviews: The Registrar’s office will schedule an interview with the applicant. This gives us a chance to learn more about the candidates and their families, and allows the families to learn more about the Academy. In addition, the candidate’s previous school may be contacted for further input about the candidate. No interviews will be set up before the completion of all registration requirements.

Review of Applications: After completing the interview, the admission committee reviews each application carefully. All accepted candidates are communicated either verbally or in writing about their acceptance .