New Student Referral Program

The purpose of this program is to provide a tuition discount to existing Al-Noor Academy (ANA) families and staff for the positive advocacy of the school and encouraging the application for admission to ANA.


We are looking for NEW families whose goals are consistent with our mission in seeking quality education that is rooted in Islamic faith and ideals that draws upon the noblest Islamic traditions of ‘Ilm (Knowledge), ‘Ibadah (Worship), ’Ihsan and ‘Adl (Justice).

1. This referral program is open to ALL ANA current families and employees.

2. It is the REFERRING FAMILY’S (i.e. current families/employees) responsibility to be sure that the Prospective Family mentions this program and the Referring Family/Employee’s name during their first contact with the Admissions Office (via phone, email, or in person). To ensure this occurs, you may choose to accompany and/or assist in making their first contact.

3. Referral tuition discount amount: The new student must be registered as a Full time/Full tuition in order for the referring family/staff to qualify for the full referral discount of $1000/per student.

4. This offer applies ONLY to NEW family applicants. Younger siblings of current or past ANA families do not qualify.

5. ANA Families will receive a tuition discount for each student that is accepted, enrolled, and enrollment continues in good standing, beyond the 3-month probationary period. The discount will be applied towards the final tuition payment.

6. There is no limit to the number of NEW students that an ANA family may refer.

7. The regular enrollment criteria must be met e.g. birth certificates, immunization records, previous school records if any, academic admission testing if applicable, and admission committee’s approval.


QUESTIONS? Contact Us!

PreK-Elementary: Assistant Registrar, Sr Aminah Muhammad

Tel: 781-784-0990  Email: [email protected]

Middle-High School: Registrar, Sr Fatma Abdelwahab

Tel: 508-261-7077   Email: [email protected]